Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.

writer’s blogck

Hi all.

I just realized that if you read the word Godmama too fast it kinda looks like it says Goddammit.

Or maybe that depends on the mood you’re in.

I guess mine is a little funky right now.

A fitting way to begin my first real life big girl blog page.

It seems the only times i find the energy to write regardless of my environment are when I’m pissed about some damn thing.

Trying to break that habit. Trying to learn to write just to do it.

There’s a lot of writing that I know I want to do, but when I sit down with the time to do it, Nothing.

So this here is just an exercise.

May be mostly ramblings, may be mostly cranky…but maybe a few weeks or months into this Exercise in Public Bloviation I’ll get good at it again?


It also seems I need somebody to talk to. I need to get stuff out, and as a former performer, maybe it’s just that I still need an audience?

Maybe I’m not getting enough real attention.

Maybe being in a new town at a weird time has caused me to unintentionally build a shell around myself that I now sometimes can’t find my way out of…

Blah Blah Blah…



3 Responses to “writer’s blogck”

  1. Hello! I will read your blog. I have one, too.

  2. I thinks your story about the Tiger and the Butterfly is based off of a chinese movie I watched. Well it was very similar to this.

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