Godmama Says…
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what if

What if people had tails?

Would they be considered obscene and have to stay covered like your butt?  Would your grandma knit you a wool tail-sock for the winter?

Would they be cute and fluffy like squirrel tails?  Or would they be hairless muscley things like possums and rats have?  Would people shave them and or get hair added to them according to celebrity tail trends? Would it keep people from being able to lie? Or would people learn to fake their tail emotional signals, too? Would men make up myths about what you could tell about them by the size of their tails?

What if girls developed breasts one at a time?

Would older women have a boob removed later in life because it made them look younger?  Or would it be embarrassing to be going through That Awkward Mono-boob Phase?

I need to go to bed.


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