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an old lovesong to myself

Back in the day, I used to be able to write songs on a regular basis.  Even when things were shitty, I could write.  In fact, I may have been able to write more when I didn’t feel so good about stuff. But I didn’t want to add to the pile of songs that were depressing because they were written when the writer was depressed.  My songs were born out of the ashes of my sadness by way of my need to create What Was Missing.  When a painter goes into a room with all white walls, they may automatically imagine or have a need to fill in those blanks with color and inspiring visuals and depth.  Similarly, I wrote (as I live) out of a need to provide what is needed.  Whether it was a need to create a type of music I wasn’t hearing, or a need to fill my ears and soul with sweet uplifting words, or both.   My most uplifting songs were born in times when I was in need, and the words I needed to hear most were simply not coming from any other source… so I wrote them for myself.

“Diamond in the Sky” was one of those songs.  It’s more interesting to hear than to read, I’m sure…it was my obligatory Epic Power Ballad.  I wrote it in probably 1996 or ’97, and I wish I still had a surviving copy of its recording…but I don’t.  But it served at a crucial time as sweet validation and comfort and empowerment and love to ME.  Also, it fucking rocked.

I’m thinking of that song today because I do need some words of encouragement, and I am reminded that I once didn’t need them to come from an outside source….

….and also because two dear friends of mine just today brought a new life into the world, and they named her Stella Rae.  She’s a perfect gorgeous little thing, and upon seeing no more than an image of her sleeping newborn face via the internet, I immediately wanted to write a lovesong lullaby for her.  I don’t have the energy to do so quite yet, but I do have an oldie I can dedicate to her.

Here then, are some slightly updated old lyrics …for me, and for Stella Rae.


Diamond In The Sky

Your tears keep fallin’, you’ve been abandoned /You keep on trying, they keep misunderstandin’ / It may break your heart to see them leavin’ you/ But I’m here to tell ya… I believe in you

So don’t be afraid when they leave you alone/ cuz you shine much brighter on your own…

Oooooh like a diamond in the sky

Your soul is a fire, they can feel it/ Your heart is a treasure, they wanna steal it/  They surround you like clouds, try to kill your light/ But you’ve got the strength, you’re gonna be alright– you just shine on and on… Oooh like a diamond in the sky

Don’t let them shame you for how you may feel / Your tears are as precious as your smile, as long as it’s all real, and its always real…

So they don’t approve of who you are?  well what do they know?  Don’t let them change you–You’re a Star– yes you are ..Yes You Are…

Oooh Like a diamond in the Sky….


(up above the world so high like a diamond…..)



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