Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.


When the song you worked so hard to write is a little too long for radio play… Edit.

When you spill your guts out onto the page, but your “guts” turn out to be a senseless, shapeless mess…  add form, remove jumbled chaos.  Edit.

When your suitcase is too full and you can’t get it closed, change your mind about what you need to carry around.  When the life you are living is uncomfortable like shoes that are too small… Edit.

When what you want to say or do might feel fine to you at the moment, but will probably hurt somebody else…. Edit.  Adjust volume and pitch.  Manage the colors and tones.  Enhance value. Edit.

When you are sharing your life with others, and careless bits of you happen to create imbalance with bits of them… Adjust.  Adapt.  Change.  Cut.  Redesign.  Edit.

Mind your words.  You can’t change what you already said… that’s not an edit, that’s a lie.  Edit before you speak.  Before you publish by vocalizing, check for value, correctness, importance, meaning.  Words are life.  Words are creation.  Words can hurt and burn, or they can nourish and heal.  Words always matter.   Watch your mouth. Edit.

Life ends:  The ultimate edit.  While you still have the chance…make the changes,  screen for meaning,  consider consequence and implication,  let things go,  pull the weeds,  strive to create moments of simple purity.  Care.



3 Responses to “edit”

  1. Love this and love you, lady.

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