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dead like me

Last night I had a dream that I died,  which I hear you’re not supposed to be able to do.  Actually there were two of me; somehow I had died and a part of me regenerated.  So the conflict was that I had to figure out how to dispose of my own body before anybody found out that I had died… and multiplied.

For most of the dream Dead Me was laid out on my couch under a bunch of blankets and pillows and stuff.  People kept sitting there, but no one was noticing.  I was nervously trying to cover my dried out corpse foot that kept popping out while people were around.   I tried to be the only one sitting on the couch so no one else would be able to sit on my corpse, but it was understandably freaking me completely out.   When I would try to lift the body to get rid of it, it was too heavy (deadweight and all I guess) so I needed help, but didn’t know who to ask to help me get rid of my corpse.

At some point my family came over to visit, and my sister sat down on the couch right on top of Dead Me.   Some blankets were disturbed and body parts and the top of my head were exposed.  I tried to be distracting so no one would notice, but my sister was giving me dirty looks like she knew I was up to something really really BAD.   Then I noticed that Dead Me was stirring, which made me panic because I had no idea how I would explain my reanimated corpse being in the same room as me.   I somehow dragged my body out behind the house where there was a dumpster, but Dead Me kept springing upright with a big crazy grin on my undead face.  I tried to make me lie down and stay dead,  but I was being difficult…and making loud laughing/gurgling noises.

Then the dream switched locations, I was in what I think was meant to be Haiti…but there had been no eathquake.   Undead Me had gotten away, and I was trying to get me back…but Undead Me was also being pursued by the islanders.  Mostly children and dogs were chasing my reanimated corpse through a village…. I was scared for Me, so I decided to help Me hide.  I ran with Myself into a field of tall tall grass or crops.  The more we ran, Corpse me got younger and younger, and quite vibrantly alive…until it was a young happy gorgeous little girl that I didn’t recognize as me anymore.  She was giggly and happy and she had a little white puppy with her…so I decided to leave her there in the field, with the understanding that she could come out at night with her little white dog only at night.

I woke up exhausted and confused and whining out loud.

Normally dreams fade pretty quickly over the course of the day no matter how vivid or strange they are, but this one has stayed with me quite clearly  like a movie i just watched..and starred in.  I’m also usually pretty good at the dream interpretation thing… not this time.

Pretty cute for a nightmare.


5 Responses to “dead like me”

  1. Regeneration? Letting part of your old self go? I dunno. I’ll ask my friend Claudia to read this and comment. She’s good at this stuff.

  2. That’s very weird.

  3. From dreammoods.com: “To dream of your own death, indicates a transitional phase in your life. You are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Alternatively, you are trying desperately to escape the demands of your daily life.”

    Perhaps you are trying to hide this new phase from your family or aren’t comfortable explaining your new feelings or new self to others yet. Like (for example), someone who has come out of the closet but is unsure how to tell his family because they may not take the news well.

    A white puppy is purity, playfullness, reawakening. – Claudia

  4. hi claudia! and thanks~~
    yeah i can generally interpret stuff that goes on in my head or other peoples’ heads…but none of the typical symbolism really fits my life at the moment…hence the corn-fusion.
    i was thinking more like there was part of me that i thought was dead and buried that is still complicating and stinking up my present life…which is true-ish.
    i like that it had a “happy” (i guess?) ending at least, exhausting as it was….

  5. I was thinking it was a struggle of letting go of an old part of you. An innocent, childlike part that is hurt that you still want to protect, yet move on from.

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