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Forward, March!

It’s a good day.

I’ve been waking up feeling grateful and lighthearted this week.  I got no car at the moment, but I also got no filthy, smoking deadweight with my name on it.   I didn’t lose something valuable, I was freed of something valueless.   I’m open to and thrilled about whatever comes next in a new and tangible way.   I have noticed that publicly chronicling such a personal journey has left me open to some well intentioned criticism.   I suppose this will always happen after every public blog everywhere in the world ever, but it almost made me want to keep all this to myself.  Almost.   Sharing the idea that you are imperfect and seeking betterment seems to make people nervous and need to offer correction.  I am in a vulnerable place, yes.  But the very act of moving in a new direction is not an act of weakness.  It is bravery and transformation.  Seeking personal metamorphosis  is not a condemnation of myself or even my past life.  It is in fact active celebration of my own power.  And it is my choice to grow up and forward.  That is all.  And so far it feels fucking fantastic.  See?  I’ve never used the word fantastic without being snide.  Moving on….

Lots of things have been breaking in the past week.   Not just for me, but in general…things are breaking.   Relationships,  jobs,  cars…. the ground.  It has been all around, in every other conversation I have heard recently:  little personal earthquakes.   I heard so much of it that it  made me feel lucky that the only thing that fell apart in my life was a tired old truck.   I think sometimes when things break it’s like an egg hatching.  Something solid has to crack open and fall apart in order for new life or a new way of life to be born.   The safety and containment of the shell has to break and die, or the life inside it will wither and rot.   It is scary as hell when a rug is yanked out from under you,  but at least now you’re on the move again.

Here’s to kicking off the shells this month.

Today’s date is a very specific instruction that I for one am excited to follow:  March Fourth.   March Forth.

Change something.  Do that thing you’ve been wanting to do today.  At least make a move toward it.  I dare you.

Rock on.


One Response to “Forward, March!”

  1. Sounds very exciting! (good exciting – not exciting the way the way my job is sometimes exciting)

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