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want ad

The more unimportant,invisible, or taken for granted I am made to feel by things and stuff,  the closer I get to actually putting an ad on craigslist for bandmates.  Maybe that is the exact reason all the cosmic casting aside is happening in the first place.   Being onstage and playing Superhero Rockstar made me feel shiny and important when other shit did not,  so I guess it’s all an insecurity fix…but it was the best fix in the world and  I need it back.  I do.

The ad I keep composing and editing in my head goes something like this:


Are you an alien?  Are you an alien who can rock so hard it would explode the sun and groove so deep and heavy it would make Mother Nature wanna f*$! you?  Are you a post apocalyptic  force of nature from beyond time and space who came to rock the human race?    Are you a secret shamanic superhero who is sick to death of what is getting away with calling itself ROCK & ROLL on this planet lately???  Check this:  Hard and heavy thundering tribal sexual primitive rock and fucking roll with its ass in the swamp and its head in the stars.   Can you dig that?   Think Ziggy Stardust meets Bad Brains.  Tina Turner fronting Black Sabbath.   Picture AC/DC as a gospel choir.   Picture Auntie Entity and her army with guitars instead of crossbows (google her).   Now add rocked out African & Native American drums and chanting and put the whole affair on the Mothership.  CAN YOU DIG IT?  Are you mature and laid back *AND NOT ADDICTED TO ANYTHING*  but completely unafraid of pyrotechnics and bodypaint?   Join my gang.   ME:  singing,  growling,  and rhythm guitar.  You:  anything else that completes the vision.  Drums, bass, guitar, drums again, keys, fireworks, whatever else we need….  Seriously.  Email me *ONLY IF ALL OF THAT MAKES SENSE TO YOU, (or you really, really want it to)*  and I’ll send you a clip of what I once did to New York City that I wanna do to Austin.


I think this week’s frustration even gave me a song  (and no, Universe, that does not mean to frustrate me more, thankyouverymuch.  I’ve had plenty.   PLENTY.)

Stay tuned…


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