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spacemonkeys and jedi-children and why i’m awake

I have a problem sleeping through the night when the moon is full.   This first full moon of spring is refusing to let things be any different.   It’s not quite 5am and I’m wide awake after a crazy dream about alien space babies.

The dream:   Husband had gotten up to go to the bathroom, and I noticed that the room was unusually bright with the light of what I assumed was the moon.  I sat up and looked out the window to see a pretty but unsettling purple glow in the sky above the woods.  As I watched,  the glow took form, and became a massive disk.   It spun in place,  and there was a deafening but totally silent hum emanating from it.   I was transfixed and terrified, and I called for Husband to come see.   I was too scared however to put much urgency in my voice, and I didn’t know if he even heard me.   Then I started to see lights coming up from the ground.   Little search lights,  waving toward the purple craft, and then toward my window.   I ducked down, feeling like I shouldn’t be spotted by what or whoever was the source of the lights.  More of them sprang up and out through the darkness of the woods, moving closer to my window.   Eventually I could see a procession of small creatures holding lights in front of them.  These little beings were wearing brown robes like monks or tiny jedis, draped over metallic silver tunics.  Their hoods were pulled down over their faces mostly,  or they had on masks.  Leading them, or maybe shepherding them, were other small creatures in silver and blue robes.  These guys looked like greenish-blue monkeys, but their expressions were very still and serious and they were totally hairless.   At first I thought that all of them were the blue monkeys, but they were shaped differently, and the blue monkeys were clearly in charge.   As I looked closer I could see that the smaller robed creatures being led toward my house were actually toddlers.  Toddlers in masks and robes carrying lanterns and searchlights marching silently into the space under my house led by blue spacemonkeys.

All the while Husband is still in the bathroom, and I am too stunned to call for him too loudly.  It occurs to me that all the babies and monkeypeople will have disappeared under the house by the time he emerges to see what I’m looking at, so I check the sky again to make sure the spacecraft is still there.  It has become a giant tea kettle surrounded by stars, and at this point I start to figure out that maybe I am dreaming.   I managed to wake up,  but the light of the full moon actually was lighting up the room in an odd way, and so it was like the dream was starting over.  Rather than check out the window again, I whined and pulled Husband’s hair (a comfort thing I do).   Then I lay there with my mind racing and my heart beating enough to warrant a trip to the vitamin stash for some Valerian.

I was beginning to calm down and get drowsy as I websurfed myself back to sleep on the couch with the cat in my lap, but then kitty got spooked by something I didn’t see and scared the crap out of both of us.  He was curled up and purring in my lap, and then something made him spring up with his claws out and sniff around where I was sitting with his hackles up,  looking like he didn’t trust me.  I hate it when animals get scared and don’t tell you why.  I hate it more when it’s dark in the house and you’re only awake because of  spacemonkey dreams.


2 Responses to “spacemonkeys and jedi-children and why i’m awake”

  1. Aww…I like to think that if there were spacemonkeys, they’d be nice spacemonkeys sent here to help us.

    Also, next time you’re up at 5am, call me and I’ll bore you back to sleep. I’ve been waking up around 4:30 most mornings. Ugh.

  2. You know – the space toddlers are going to find you. It never does any good to hide from the space toddlers. They like apple juice. Keep it on hand. Diluted. I don’t know what to feed the monkeys…

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