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silly rabbit

Once beyond a time in Saxon mythology , the Goddess of dawn,  fertility, and renewal was late bringing springtime to earth one season.  She found a little bird dying in the snow and took pity on it.  Its wings were frozen beyond repair and it would never fly again.  The goddess took pity on it and gave it new life as a fluffy white snow hare, with the ability to run as fast as a bird could fly, and also since it was once a bird… it could lay eggs. The rabbit’s name was Lepus.  One day Lepus angered the Goddess and she cast it away into the stars at the feet of Orion, where it is forever stalked by the Great Hunter.  Once a year, however,  it  is allowed to return to earth, to lay its enchanted colorful bird eggs in honor of Spring and of the Goddess who spared its life.

Her name is Ostara, or Eostre, the Mother Goddess who brings renewal, like the morning sun, which rises in the EAST.   Eostre.   Easter.  (Also see Ishtar and Isis.)

Lepus, the ancient constellation, is the Eostre bunny.


This is only one of the ancient stories of the origins of Easter,  much much older than the story of resurrection which took the spotlight from a blatantly pagan holiday with all its fertility symbols like eggs and rabbits.

Lepus and Ostara. Google it.

Happy Eostre everybunny!



One Response to “silly rabbit”

  1. I like this story better than the Zombie Jesus tale I was indoctrinated with as a kid. Happy Candy-Eating Day!

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