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hotflowers and wildrods!

In the past couple days I have reclaimed my love of taking pictures.  Austin has been making itself rather photogenic lately, and as the default family photographer is out of town I have had to take matters into my own hands.  My own hands were so appreciative that I finally took something into them again.  The whole reason I was initially attracted to Husband and his love of photographing things is because that is something that I have always loved too.   I have been neglecting all areas of my creative self for quite some time.  That’s about enough of that shit.

My two subjects in the past 3 days:  The annual hot rod rally, and wildflowers.  The lovely and colorful extremes of springtime in this lovely and colorful city.

The wildflowers are easy, but how do hotrods conjure images of spring for me?  Well, it has always confounded me that human beings seemed to be the only species in which the male is generally less colorful than the female.   Every spring,  male animals of every species fluff up their fancy feathers and put on a show.   They shine and flare and dance and sing and show off  as hard as they can,  which in their world is a display of masculine health.    (Birds of paradise are among the more amazing examples of this, but they are endless.)    It always seemed to me though, that humans have broken this rule.   Watching the hot rod rally the other day changed my mind about that.  Wildly colored and adorned cars roared and pounced up and down the street like growling, glittering beasts.  It felt like I was watching some kind of alien springtime mating dance.  Those machines were deliberately and obnoxiously sexy.   They were also clearly competing with each other in some kind of primitive  ritualistic display that involved growling and hissing and glitter and flames.  Fab-u-lous!

Hotrods. Wildflowers.   There is something about the way that those words  feel when they hang out together that I really dig… and of course like most things, it all reminds me of sex.  Which brings us back to the beauty and magic of springtime:  procreation  (which is a fancy word for sex).   Hotflowers and Wildrods.   Yin and yang.  God, I miss Adam….


SPERM grass!! SEE!!??


One Response to “hotflowers and wildrods!”

  1. Lovely photos! We don’t get as nice of a wildflower spread down here as Austin gets, but the pink buttercups and the onion flowers and all the little hiding-in-the-grasses blooms we do get take my breath away.

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