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Husband proposed to me in January of ’09, way out in West Texas.   At a little after 6 in the morning,  we ventured out of our cabin (which was in a hot springs oasis) for a hike through the foothills of a nearby mountain range.  We found a good resting spot overlooking the mountains where we could watch the sun rising over the peaks.   Husband took my hand and my heart, and gave me an astonishing orange sapphire ring that turned the sun’s morning light into fireworks.   It was all perfectly beautiful.

When we were ready to leave that spot,  he decided he wanted to collect the little cactus that we had been sitting next to the whole time and bring it home with us.   It survived a couple days in the trunk of the car,  and the ten hour drive back home where it has lived quietly ever since in a big hearty pot near our front door.

Time passes and of course we don’t always pay much attention to the little cactus.   It has been through all the different seasons without flinching,  and the seasons have been harsh on both ends lately.  It has gone through a lot, the little cactus, but it has remained steady, solid,  and healthy.   It has certainly outlasted all our other half-hearted attempts at gardening that have shared the front porch with it in the past year and a hapf.   Still, we never really pay it much attention.   Just about 2 weeks ago we noticed for the first time that it seemed to have tripled in size without our noticing… and when we turned the pot around to the other side,  we discovered two barely noticeable little buds.

Then yesterday afternoon while I was at work,  Husband sent this picture to my phone:

I got chills and sparkles that I still haven’t shaken.   Might be the prettiest flowers I have ever seen.  (Lotus flowers are my favorite, and they remind me completely of those…)

That’s all.  Just wanted to share a story of blossoming love and pretty enchanted flowers.  I am a lucky, lucky girl.


3 Responses to “blossom”

  1. You’re gonna make me cry. What an amazing way to commemorate the begining of a life together.

  2. That is so beaaaaaautiful!

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