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Up From the Skies

When I was a little girl I lived on a spaceship.   Most kids had an imaginary friend… I had a whole spaceship.  Everybody that I wanted to know lived on my spaceship with me.  Darth Vader, Diana Ross, and Jesus were a couple of my shipmates.   (I worried about Jesus.  He was sad a lot about the whole being crucified thing,  so it was my job to make him laugh.)   It was a very convenient arrangement, having all the most interesting and colorful people I could think of  living together in one small place within walking distance of each other,  and even better that the place could fly away from the rest of the world when I needed to get away from it.   And I had magic powers when I was there.  I had wings there!   But that was all childhood fantasy, right?

When I was 21 years old, I found that ship.  Somebody had named it Manhattan Island.  More interesting and colorful people than I had ever dreamed of in the first place lived all together in one small place… hovering  just outside of reality.   And I did have magic powers there!   But perhaps I am idealizing just a touch.

You know how astronauts have a hard time walking for a while after they return to earth?  Land legs I think it’s called.  You have to get your land legs back.  Living Up There for 12 years was a lot like being in outer space,  and it took me a long time to remember how to find my balance back here on earth.  Still working on it.

This weekend I had a very quick trip back Up There.   It felt good to float again,  and to be among my imaginary friends who know what I look like with wings.

Love you, New york.  So very much.


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