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possible oil spill cleanup scenario

Act 1

People still think taking care of the environment is a debatable ideology,  and not a matter of our own life or death.  The reality is that the environment has been growing quickly weary of taking care of Us, and is considering giving up the job.  People have grown needlessly dependent on oil, the blood of the earth, and we suck it out like a zillion junkie mosquitoes.  One day there is a huge accident.   The earth’s blood begins to hemorrhage violently into the sea.   The oceans are where all life originated.   Now the oceans are angry… and hurricane season is about to start.

Act 2

Animals of the earth and sea wash ashore dead and dying, covered in the bile of man’s latest mistakes.  Nature’s self preservation instinct kicks in,  and the waters are charged with the drive to survive and overcome.   Summer has added heat to the mixture.  Cool winds graze the surface of the water like Mother Nature blowing a life giving kiss,  and the boiling pot begins to stir itself.  The long dead creatures from whom the oil was made  find form again somewhere at the bottom of the Gulf.   Lightning gives electricity to the aquatic disturbance causing all the animals living and dying in the oil spill to rapidly evolve… and grow… and adapt.  Gigantic hyper-intelligent pelicans  police the air while dinosaurs and dolphins conspire together to clean up the mess that is Mankind.   The underwater societies of the Octopus and Squid work diligently to seal up all the wounds we have ripped into the ocean floor.   They stop the spill, and make things right again.

Act 3

We live on in charming aquariums and petting zoos,  safely locked away from doing harm to the earth or each other.  We make great pets.


4 Responses to “possible oil spill cleanup scenario”

  1. this is a scary play.

  2. That works. I hope they’ll let me keep the kids in my tank…

  3. the oil spill in mexico really affected the eco system around that area, it would take years to clean those mess *

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