Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.


At night,  or whenever it is quiet for long enough, my mind wanders looking for a place of peace to rest for a while.  On its search, it sometimes stumbles over sticky little worries and scraps of dissatisfied moments.   They are mostly just little things,  but distracting enough to be bothersome,  like a little dead bird in the middle of a garden.   My thoughts  become ants, wanting to consume these bits of leftover undigested memories, or at least move them underground.  They scurry and bite and sting and cloud my brain with the tiresome business of trying to finish off things that should have been either absorbed or burned away long ago.

The smallest little forgotten mindpests have room to grow in the open area of rest and meditation.   In the quiet they have space to amplify, growing from innocuous distractions to disruptive vexations. Unfinished arguments, unresolved insecurities, things that need to be fixed become little bugs that startle me out of meditation and awaken the ants in my brain.

The trick, then,  is allowing the other things to amplify first.  The flowers in the garden should get more attention,  letting thoughts become light and colorful butterflies tending the blossoms,  rather than pesky irritated little ants worrying over trash.


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