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bird watching

This week we hung a bird feeder right outside the dining room window.  There is a bird sanctuary nearby, so we get quite a show.  Cardinals, wrens, doves,  funny little things we haven’t identified yet,  all fluttering and twittering their little hearts out for our amusement.

Oh,  and we also have a cat.   Yesterday, I watched as Inky discovered the bird feeder for the first time.   Of course to a cat there is no such thing as a bird feeder.  It’s a cat feeder.  It’s a hanging carousel of animated appetizers… That he can’t have.

Maybe I was projecting  (okay I was definitely projecting),  but I felt like I understood the confusion and frustration that must go through a cat’s mind in a situation like that.  I wondered how bemusing it must be  for a cat to make sense of something like glass in that instance.  You can see everything you want.  It’s RIGHT THERE.  It is literally flying right at you!  But there’s an incomprehensible invisible barrier for some reason…

Looking through the window you have a clear view of all the treats and blessings you have ever dreamed of  just falling out of the sky and swirling around in your face… but not for you,  not right now.

I got upset for him and let him outside, and of course all the birds went away.   Oh well.

Of course,  Inky is quite a hunter…if he wants something bad enough, he will wait, and stalk, and catch it.   I should be more like Inky.  Except for the butt-licking and whining all night part…


4 Responses to “bird watching”

  1. Nah…no need for sorry. I’m just whining 😉 and watching my cat watch birds…

  2. Is Inky gaining weight or is it just picture weirdness?

  3. Both. He’s bigger now, but not quite as fat as the photo makes him look.
    Must be all the birds he eats 😉

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