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this is your brain….

Last night I tried to do something I know I can’t tolerate.  THC has a completely different effect on me than it is meant to.  I’m That Girl who gets completely paranoid and trips her face off while everybody else is chilled out.  I hate the stuff,  it makes all my brain functions disconnect which makes me feel like a crazy person falling out of an airplane.  Every great once in a while I go there anyway, usually as a matter of “if ya can’t beat em, join em.”  After last night I will never feel the need to go there again.  What began as giggly silliness ended with me hysterical and scared of everything because I lost control of my senses.  From now on, it’s “If ya can’t beat em, fuck ’em.”  Y’all can have that crap all to yourselves.

I did do some writing before I lost it completely.   About  30 minutes into it, my brain went into the spin cycle and I thought I was going to die because the water I drank was going to turn my insides into mercury.  Just before the spin cycle, though, it occurred to me to send my husband a love letter via email.  This is what I came up with:

i seven eight is what i do

i seven eight my love to ypouo

i seven six a little bit
i seven til i have to quit
i seven two my heart up high
i seven you my tartlefly
i donut round your package box
i seven pound your jacketrocks
i level twist y0ou ricket say
i never kissed a picket bay
i devil; blissed my sister gun
i swivel pisst a fist of none
dont ever eight your fish again
dont need to hate or listen in
i cannot stop the owl said hoo
i senentate hop bubbleglooe
equinox box locks chiecken s0ocks locks shocks donut pox chicken boccx chickwen poncks

3 Responses to “this is your brain….”

  1. Yeah – I think that you and mind-altering substances should just be a big no-no. At least in Texas, please. I would like the geography to remain as it is, por favor.

  2. I’m sorry you walked too close to the fine line between sanity and losing your shit… but I really enjoyed reading your love letter! It makes me think of Shel Silverstein if he wrote for adults while on lsd.

  3. Yeah, sometimes you can’t join them.

    Have a Very Happy New Year.

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