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storytime, part 1

February 19, 2011

(silly short story work in progress, please excuse the sloppity…) Junkyard Dogma ~ pt 1 The sun never managed to shine directly on the scrapyard.  The yard was large, but most of it was boxed in by massive old warehouse buildings.   The rest was closed off by a chain link and barbed wire fence.   From […]

dear M~,

February 15, 2011

I think I just made a new friend.  An artist/writer who knew of me as Maya-the-Rockstar-to-be asked me a simple question via facebook and caused me to tirade a bit at myself.   It is a question I hear a lot- mostly from myself,  but somehow hearing something from a new person can energize the […]


February 8, 2011

i love and laugh with unrivaled intensity and i cry and ache with equally dynamic force. my joy lives and breathes and shines.  my tears are diamonds: rare and painfully acquired, but beautiful.  like treasures i keep them hidden and only share them with my closest love. when i am kept too long in the […]