Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.


i love and laugh with unrivaled intensity

and i cry and ache with equally dynamic force.

my joy lives and breathes and shines.  my tears are diamonds: rare and painfully acquired, but beautiful.  like treasures i keep them hidden and only share them with my closest love.

when i am kept too long in the dark and can’t seem to sparkle,  the diamonds explode forth as fireworks from a volcano and light my sky like stars

i am a wealthy woman today.



3 Responses to “release”

  1. Wow! I like it. I like your words, especially the first two lines. You must be in a good place/space right now.

    • Thanks, V ~ actually this is what happened after a major meltdown/tantrum/self-pity-freakout i had earlier today…. but i guess the space *after* a meltdown is better than the space before it 😉

  2. Whatever it was, I sense it was good for you. Beautiful writing.

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