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light a match

I have come to file certain behaviors under the heading “Personality Farts”.

This includes nasty things like being a know-it-all, being mean, judgemental, self-centered, etc.

“Farting” is something we all do from time to time,  but do not expect anyone to want to be around you when it’s happening.   If you find something offensive and crude puff suddenly from your person,  at least say “excuse me”  and indicate that you are embarrassed.   Sure,  some people may find it funny at first,  but ultimately what you are doing is funking up the space around you and causing people to make faces and go away.   Also, excessive “farting”  can mean that you are full of shit and need to go flush it privately before it makes you permanently toxic.   If all you do is release noxious air,  you are by definition an ASSHOLE.

A good way to tell if you are being an “asshole”:   Did something you just did or said cause someone close to you to sour their expression suddenly and back away from you or look for an excuse to leave your company?  You probably just “farted”.


One Response to “light a match”

  1. Well said, Maya. Darn, I’ve never thought about my “farting” personality traits like that. Next time I upset someone, I’ll just say,
    “Excuse me or sorry for my fart. I’m trying to be a better person.”

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