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higher power

It occurs to me that religion can be a lot like doing drugs.   It’s not for everybody, but you can’t tell that to somebody once they’re trippin’.

Some people use religion to chill themselves out and find peace in a transformative way.  Some need it in order to bring a sense of calm and magic into their lives.   Some people only turn to it occasionally in times of crisis or stress.  In both cases there are dealers who have a vested interest in your need for the high.

Some people don’t need it at all.   In fact, some people get one hit of religion and lose their minds completely.  Things they say stop making sense.   Too much of it and they become dangerously irrational.   If you try to talk them down out of their mind-altered hysteria,  their delusional paranoia makes you seem to them like some sort of demon for not being on the same trip they are on.   Also, it can be argued that long term dependence on either can eventually render the user slow-minded and frustrating to converse with.


3 Responses to “higher power”

  1. “Magic is the ability to change consciousness at will.”-Pagan definition of magic

    Christians are what is wrong with the world.

  2. oh jimbo, i think that blanket generalizations and prejudice are one of the things wrong with the world… ;-P

  3. I grew up with a lot of religion around me. Over the years, I think I’ve used it in all the possible ways and the two that you’ve mentioned, especailly this one. “Some people only turn to it occasionally in times of crisis or stress.” But it doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I’ve become more spiritual than religious and I try to hold on to the belief that there is a higher power.

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