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the view from here

How am I feeling?    Okay I guess.  “Better” sometimes… except that I always put the word “better” in quotation marks now,  which I think means I’m being a smart-ass but I’m not sure.    Here’s how “okay” and “better” actually feel:   You know when you’re on a plane and you go through a big storm cloud and reality gets fogged away and there’s nothing for your eyes to lock onto so you don’t have any real concept of where you are in space and time and then the plane starts shaking enough to make you regret ever getting on that damn flight so you hold your breath and try to remember exactly how planes work cuz the one you’re on doesn’t feel like it’s working very well at all?   Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling when I feel “better”.

I am very anxious to just land this thing so I can thank the pilot, kiss the ground, and exhale,  but I hear this is kind of a long flight.  Sometimes it levels out,  and sometimes I can ignore the turbulence for a while.   But sometimes … you know how  there’s that moment during bad turbulence where you feel the plane kind of drop a little and everybody gets quiet?  Yeah, that.

One might offer that this is a good time to have faith.  Faith is what gets people through moments like those.  Faith and the knowledge that the great majority of the time,  planes land safely… even in storms.  I might offer that the most faithful among you will still crap your pants a little when you’re on a plane and you see flashes of lightning out your cloudy window and you feel that fucking drop… especially if you have gone down in a crash before.

The plane is okay in reality.  There are forces and physics at work which are beyond my comprehension and flying is after all the safest way to travel.   I will land safely, and  I will fly again.    But right now, this flight sucks and I wanna go home.    That is all.


2 Responses to “the view from here”

  1. I’m here to hold your hand during the rough patches, me and a whole army of Mayaites. We love you. You will land, I promise.

  2. I wish you could. But I guess a new home will happen someday.

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