Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.

hymn for him

my life
my other heart
my beloved
my most important creation
my transformation
my closest relation
my evolution
my progression and  reflection
my expression of perfection
made out of all i had
i honor you with all that remains

you were my body and my future
you were wings
stretching from inside me
you were promise of life and flight
you were living, dancing Light.
you were mine
you were me.
not just part of me
but the best of me
all my life and energy
all my love.
all my love.
i’m told that i should just erase you
and the void will go away
and it’s simple to replace you
this is natural, they say
no one wants to hear about you
or the way it feels without you
but there has never been a more fierce love or bond

and now you’re gone

you were everything i wanted
now i’m empty, bleeding, haunted
but the whole world’s waiting for me to move on
and so
in my imagination
i release my great creation
to the stars
       to the stars
              to the stars

but i will never love another quite like this
i am your mother,  you’re my wish
that very nearly did come true
and always, darling,
I Love You.

One Response to “hymn for him”

  1. Ummm. I love this poem. I can tell where it came from and know how it’s a way to help you through this difficult time. You found the perfect words. I’m playing Bridge over Troubled water because it helps me to understand your pain a little more.

    I didn’t want to write comments until later, but I couldn’t help myself after reading your post.

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