Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.


angel of death.
death is no angel.
death is a street punk who snatches away what’s yours and runs away before you can fight back
death is an entitled shit that steals joy and destroys serenity.
death is shit.  death ain’t shit.
death is a bully that keeps you backed into a corner, scared to live. scared to death.

is death is the teacher who helps you to value life?
is death the angel that makes everything such a treasure?
death is the sick fuck who stops hearts and rots flesh
and eats the seed of life right out of its pod.

if it’s angels that took him away from me
then angels are the enemy .

en guarde, angels.
i will come for you too
one day.


One Response to “scorn”

  1. Wow! Death is no teacher… In many ways, death means silence and all the other things you’ve said. I could go on and on… There’s so much to say about this word. In your son’s circumstance, death is a robber, and more.

    Angel and death. Two words to ponder about.

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