Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.

when life hands you shit….

…make Unicorn Poop!

(originally seen here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Unicorn-Poop/#step1 )

here’s my version:

Step One:  Mix that shit.  
(Easy sugar cookie recipe , blah blah blah…)

Step Two:  Ball up and prepare to dye.
I recommend gloves at this point cuz shit’s about to get wacktacular.

Step 3:   Color your balls

Step 4:  Let that shit chill…

Step 5:  Drink.  
(Gloves optional.)

Step 6:  Make more balls, and then make some poop snakes.
Though it looks like play-dough, it’s nearly impossible to roll, so I had to kind of pinch it into shape.
That’s right… pinch out some turds….

Step 7:   Shape your shit up.  Then bake that shit.

Step 8:  After baking and cooling,  polish the turds.
Make that shit shine.

Step 9:  Add sparkles and stars and shit.

Step 10: 
Check this shit out!
Now eat that shit.

That’s some goooood shit.


4 Responses to “when life hands you shit….”

  1. That’s the shit!!!

  2. I fucking love that Shit!!!!

  3. I’ve eaten some sparkly shit.
    Unfortunately, thats the shit that defines what we are made of.
    You my love are mad of solid carbon… #diamonds.

  4. Hilarious! I’m a terrible baker & the only step I’ve mastered is Step 5, so I’ll just stick with that one & leave the craptastic cookie baking to the experts. Cheers!

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