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love for the black woman

Undervalued, overburdened from the moment you were born,
They feel entitled to your life force even as you break and mourn.
They feel entitled to your body, to your culture, to your voice;
When you’ve been pulled apart by vultures weakness comes- you have no choice.
And when you must be strong for everyone you lose your right to cry,
Even as your heart is breaking, even as your children die.
How exhausted is your spirit when you must be everything?
Mother. Teacher. Lover. Nursemaid. Sister. Soldier. Daughter. Queen.
There is a universal truth they hope you never do believe:
You are the source of all that’s living.  You are Alpha.  You are Eve.
So they bury you like treasure, try to block you from your worth;
but you’re more than just the treasure-  you’re the motherfucking earth.
If they must take you for granted then there’s something they might miss
When the earth begins to tremble and volcanoes start to hiss;
because even mountains crumble, even lions can be caged
Even the tallest tree can fall, and even quiet rivers rage;
but you’re amazing, you’re astounding; You’re acknowledged. You are known.
You’re the savior needing saving.  You are real. You’re not alone.
Never let them redefine you as a servant and a whore
If you’ve heard it nowhere else: You are a goddess to the core.



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