Godmama Says…
a buncha stuff.

Hi. I’m Maya.

Born in St. Louis,  raised mostly in Texas, but ran away to New York City as soon as I could to play superhero rockstar for 12 electrifying years…

…now rebuilding in Austin after the tragedy of losing my infant son at the end of 2011.
Elite Martial Arts has saved my life, and lately I have been obsessed with Spartan Races.

I have a loving co-goofball husband and together we have a weirdo space-cat.

I want to be a writer.  I’m training to be a personal trainer. I want to do stuff that makes other people’s  lives better/happier/easier/healthier in some way.

I listen, love, and feel so deeply that sometimes it literally hurts.

I haven’t touched my guitar in far too long.  Right now martial arts is How I Rock.

My first crush was Darth Vader.

I do not like sandwiches.  Cold meat flaps freak me right the hell out.  (Hamburgers, po’boys. etc. do not count as sandwiches.)

My irrational phobia:  Those floppy wavy arm things they have at cell phone places and car dealerships.  I HATE those fucking things.  I want to kill them all with fire before they kill me.

I don’t drink much anymore and bartending burned out most of my tolerance for drunks… but I love to throw parties, as I am fascinated with the art of bringing people together.

I am terribly shy,  but people who know me think it’s hilarious when I say that because I’m also an exhibitionist with my flaming heart on my sleeve.

I think you can tell something about a person by the way they laugh and sneeze.   I do both with an unexpectedly goofy explosiveness  and a little bit of a scream.

I don’t watch TV because I can’t handle extra brain chatter, but I  spend far too much time online.

I love words.  I like to use them as toys.  I like to make them up and bat them around.   I find them contigulating and pingtagulous!  I rarely let Husband  go to bed without playing Mad-Libs with me.

I’m working (slowly) on a book.   It’s kind of a science fiction/autobiography/musical comedy/erotic thriller… naturally.   There are lots of words in my head that want to get together and play,  so I throw parties for them sometimes, too– in the form of this here blog.

Hope you enjoy ~




12 Responses to “Hi. I’m Maya.”

  1. I love this woman. In every way imaginable. This is all.

  2. I look forward to reading your book!

  3. I was chatting with Fernando the other day and your name came up.
    I stumbled across your blog – and the intro and some of the entries got to me.
    “….And just needed to tell you that I do love you, New York.”

    Thanks for sharing what ya’ do – and I hope real life is all beauty in Tx.

    • Oh wow, Dano, thank you so much for connecting and appreciating ~~ it’s good to hear from a voice from back home 🙂
      (like how i said that as if facebook doesn’t exist?)
      hi to fernando too—he’s somewhere in texas, no?

  4. Maya, you are awesome, and I want to be just like you when I grow up. But for now, I’ll settle for getting in line to read your book. Whatever it’s about, I know it will be a thrilling trip!

  5. i will definitely be reading your blog! xo.

  6. Hi Maya,
    It’s refreshing to read your blog. Looking forward to have more conversations with you.

  7. Write that book already PLEASE I need it.

    ‘My first crush was Darth Vader.
    Second was Diana Ross.’



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