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when the bough breaks

December 27, 2011

Sometimes (most times, really) I am overwhelmed by the force of love that has been washing over me and Adam like healing waves for the past week and a half.  Other times, I just want to find this “God” everybody keeps talking about and punch him in his twisted sadistic face over and over until […]


December 23, 2011

Feeling a little more human… I think… sometimes.   At least the spaces between meltdowns are starting to grow.  When the call comes to go pick up his ashes I’m sure the whole cycle will start again, but for now there is a lingering numbness. .. something like calm.  I hear myself laughing from time […]


December 18, 2011

in order to fully experience the depths of hell  you have to first be lifted high up into heaven.  you need to get a good long taste of bliss,  get it deep enough in your system that it becomes part of you.  maybe it even comes to life inside you.  you need to get familiar […]