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love letter to my old home

January 30, 2010

Hello. I woke up thinking about you today. I seem to do that a lot when my new home isn’t fitting me comfortably. (Sometimes it feels like a good fit, other times it’s like an uncomfortable bra that I can’t wait to get out of and fling into the trash.) Just wanted you to know […]

what if

January 28, 2010

What if people had tails? Would they be considered obscene and have to stay covered like your butt?  Would your grandma knit you a wool tail-sock for the winter? Would they be cute and fluffy like squirrel tails?  Or would they be hairless muscley things like possums and rats have?  Would people shave them and […]

a nice day

January 28, 2010

This morning our electricity got cut off. That’s one of those things that just isn’t supposed to really happen beyond a certain point in your life.  When it does, you kinda wanna walk around all day with that “somethin’ stinks” scowl on your face.  You want to go down the list of all the things […]

big baby

January 27, 2010

(disclaimer:  PMS fueled whine-writing.) My mother says that when I was little, when she perceived me to be growing too quickly as mamas do, she would ask me plaintively “What happened to my Baby?”  My response to her from the time I was  toddler on, was to point into my mouth as if to say […]

the Tiger and the Butterfly

January 21, 2010

I wrote this story when I was 16. Two decades have passed since then (oof!) and it is still one of my favorite things I have written. Reminds me of when I was all young and sweet and starry eyed and fairy tale hearted– not that I’m not all those things still…. One day I […]

writer’s blogck

January 21, 2010

Hi all. I just realized that if you read the word Godmama too fast it kinda looks like it says Goddammit. Or maybe that depends on the mood you’re in. I guess mine is a little funky right now. A fitting way to begin my first real life big girl blog page. It seems the […]


January 20, 2010

That’s all for now. Just figuring this thing out….